about me

hiya! thank you for stopping by and having a look around!

let me introduce myself: I am NormaJean and this is my little corner of the internet where I talk about lifestyle and share with you my creative impulses.13625095_1453136658036445_119167177_n

I created this blog to share my journey to a happier and healthier life. the blog is a place of creativity, exploration and inspiration. I want to show that with just a few little steps you can change your life and inspire a happier future that you will fall easily in love with.

when I was in my mid 20’s I started to look at the world and wondered how I can change it just a little bit. I decided to work on living a cruelty free life and respect everything around me. this journey is not easy, but I am learning a lot on the way and I love to share my experiences with likeminded people.

if you like to explore positive changes with me why don’t you stick around and even leave a comment?


get in contact: norma.makeupartist@gmail.com

please be aware that all images, unless otherwise stated, are taken by me and the copyright to those images belongs to me. if you like any of my images and would like to use them, then please contact me on the above email or leave a comment.

Love, NormaJean

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