vegan noodles

who doesn’t love noodles?! they are easy to make and you can add whatever you like to them. here is another little vegan hack for ireland. these noodles down below I got in lidl for 18 cents a packet. yip you heard right, they are dirt cheap and the good new is they are really good. what is that you are saying? they are not vegan! oh put they are it even says it on the back of the wrap now.


now you could just have them plain as they are, but what is the fun in that. I added some fresh veg to mine and it makes them so much more delicious and very nutritious.


what I added: mushroom, onion, courgette, peas, tomatoes and some spring onion. I fried them all up before I added water, the noodles and the spices. cook it all as directed on the back and maybe add a little soya to the finished dish and you are all set to go to enjoy a really nice, nutritious, but inexpensive meal!


Love, NormaJean

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