vego bar

best chocolate around? well I have to say the vego bar! it’s like nutella in a bar and without all the nasty things like milk.


the first time I had one was when my mom send me one over from germany. oh and I fell in love. but it was always a treat I could only get back home in berlin, but suddenly they appeared in ireland and they are popular ever since. I can even get them in my local supermarket now, but ours has only the big once (shame I know). your best bet to finding them is still the health food shop. they carry all sizes and most of the time to a pretty good price.


they are not the healthiest option on the marked, but I mean they are chocolate. at least they have the organic cert and if you don’t eat them every day you will not fat immediatly! they have full hazelnuts inside of them and are vegan and gluten free, winning!


Love, NormaJean

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