travel with etiquette

I am just back from a quick trip back home to berlin visiting family. this trip reminded me about a subject I always wanted to write about, that is travel etiquette. a lot of us travelling are aware that we are not the only once on a bus, train, airplane etc. but there is a rising number of people who just don’t seem to care that they are not alone. you get to see all kind of strange behaviours while on the go and sometimes I wonder if people are aware that they share their environment with others. here are some mood killers while travelling:


one is loud talking, either to each other or on the phone. you learn a lot from those conversations and I always wonder if it is ok to ask questions afterwards to clear up open questions and will it show them that the whole bus knows now what is going on in their lives.


next one in listening to too loud music or what drives me up the walls is listening to movies, youtube, kids shows etc. without head phones. make sure to give your kids headphones too. no one wants to listen to peppa pig and co.


the last one is pushing and kicking. yip we are talking about adults pushing you around to get further up the line to be on the plane first. like I mean we are all going on the same plane, so what is the hurry? it nearly feels like you need rugby training while travelling. and what is it with people kicking the seat in front of them? guess I will never get it. maybe the excitement of travelling lets people forget where they are and that they are dealing with real people around them.


remember while travelling, have fun and relax, but don’t ruin the fun for others. have you ever encountered something fun or strange while travelling? let me know in a comment!


Love, NormaJean

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