eating out

here is another life hack for surviving as a vegan in ireland. today  will go a bit into detail in to eating out in ireland. to be fair, ireland is not know for their delicious salads and rice dishes. very famous and popular dishes are bacon and cabbage, full irish breakfast and guinness stew. all those dishes have meat in all kind of forms in them. even though they are very irish, they are not very vegan and you will have a very hard time finding alternatives to these dishes in a normal place. I managed to veganise the full irish breakfast, but the other two, unless you make the stew at home yourself, you will have to say goodbye to!


most pups and restaurants offer vegetarian options and you should always ask if there is any dairy (like butter and cream are a big thing) or animal broth in the dishes. but the irish also love their stir fry so you can always ask for a veg one.

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want to veganise your full irish breakfast? ask for baked beans, tomatoes, mushrooms and toast. avoid the traditional irish brown bread, it usually has some kind of milk in it unless it is otherwise stated. mushrooms can be cooked in butter as well, but every place I went to was always happy to fry some up in oil.


a great hack is to download the happy cow app for your phone. I am into organising my trips so I look up places that offer vegan options and I add them to my google map. you will be surprised what you can find in your area. if you are really stuck look for a supermacs. it is the irish McDonalds. their fries are amazing and if you order a curry sauce with it, it nearly feels like a real dinner. PS their curry sauce is made with water, corn flour and curry powder!

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if you are really unsure always ask for advice. the irish are really big into helping their costumers out whenever they can and we try very hard to accomidate for any allergies and food sensitivities. don’t forget to have fun on your travels and try new things!

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Love, NormaJean


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