vegan through ireland


it is summer time and that means it is time to travel and explore the world. but when out travelling there is always the questions of what to see and more importantly what to eat. when you are following a plant based diet or are vegan it is even harder. you might have figured everything out back home, but going to a different country makes everything complicated and confusing. which shop will I go to, where can I get vegan food for an affordable price?


well, being vegan in Ireland is not very hard or complicated. you don’t have to have bacon and sausages all the time you are here. it is easier then you think to find vegan options in all the supermarkets and go out for a lovely dinner.


I will try to put together a series of post that will cover everything from where to shop to where to go for food when out. most of the time your everyday life hacks you adapted in your home country will get you pretty far even here on the green island. I hope you will enjoy your travels and please bring some sun!

Love, NormaJean

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