vegan or vegan

there is two ways of being vegan. the one is to eat vegan the other is to also live a vegan lifestyle. and you would think that these two things could not have a very big difference, but trust me on this one it sure does. if you only eat a vegan diet you are following a plant based diet. and there is nothing wrong with that, I do it myself and I am happy and proud of you that you took a step in the right direction.

now we come to the issue of a vegan lifestyle. a vegan lifestyle includes everything in your life is based on the fact that you are not consuming anything that is coming from animals in any way. no leather shoes or other leather goods, you avoid things like palm oil and you watch out which company you are buying your food from. a big no go for most vegans is for example nestle, but that is another story.

I personally find that living a full vegan lifestyle is very hard if not even unrealistic. animal products are used in so many aspects of our life that we don’t even know about. don’t get me wrong, I really, really admire everyone who tries to live 100% vegan, but I also find it can be very unrealistic at times.

I try my very best to look out what I buy and where I buy from, but I am simply not perfect and anybody that believes that they are, well…
don’t be put down by anyone or criticism you get. just try your best to live the way you want to live and don’t get worked up over other people’s opinion. you do you the best you can. there always will be someone who is more “vegan” than you and they will rub it in, instead of being kind (which is kind of the main message of veganism, but what do I know). it would be just so much more helpful if everybody would help out each other and give tip and trick in a nice way instead of just pointing out you are doing it wrong and therefor you are a bad person. life is hard enough, you don’t need bad energy to make it more difficult.
I guess the main message is to keep up your good believes and try your best, because at the end of the day that really is all you can do. And do it with a lot of fun and keep yourself happy!

Love, NormaJean

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