first year project

attending limerick school of art and design (lsad) was one of my best decisions I ever made. the first year flew by and I don’t know where to start to explain to you how amazing it was.

lsad starts off with an open semester outlined by a project brief. but really you end up doing whatever you want, as long as you can connect it to the brief! this project is fantastic in enabling you to try out everything the college has to offer. you can take part in different tutorials and workshops and the tutors are always happy to show you intersting things.

our project was place and after some mind maps and confusion I decided to concentrate on happy place. my whole project ended up very phylosophical but I loved doing it and looking at the images now I might even go back over the summer and finish some ideas I had and keep working on it… hahaha

Starting off with a visual mind map – the best way!




above are some snaps of random work that kind of shows how I worked my way through the project. I tried to figure out how I could show people the value of my personal happy place. how does colour, hues, etc. influence my mood and how am I able to present all of that to my viewers? even though I burned out in the end I really enjoyed the project and I took a lot away from this.

Love, NormaJean

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