… you just have to take a deep breath!

life now days is so busy, we struggle to fit college, work, friends and family in our daily routine and sometimes we forget about ourselves. it is important to take a few minutes for just us every day. there are different ways of taking 10 minutes out of our day for ourselves, but I believe we should make it a conscious decision when we make that time.

I for example am not a morning person. I feel cranky and moody most mornings and I just need a few minutes (most of the time about 20 minutes) to get myself going and not be in a unpleasant mood. but I found a good cure for it. instead of being confronted with other people first thing in the morning I generally get up a little earlier then the people in my house. this gives be a head start to sort myself out and not be snappy. I also bring my dog for a walk. fresh air and being in nature wakes me up and I have plenty of time to sort my thoughts for the day. when I get home I follow a ten minute yoga routine on youtube. all that gives me energy and clear thoughts for the day and I am able to be a pleasant person for the day. I believe there are hundreds of people out there, that know of the difficulties of not being a morning person.

for people that do not struggle with morning moodiness this advice might mean nothing. here are some other tips to get some minutes to yourself:

if you have a dog that needs walking every day you have the best chances to get some time to yourself. I find bringing my dog for a walk somewhere in nature brings me a lot of peace and quite. it gives me time to think, take a deep breath and just relax for a little.

if you don’t have a dog why don’t you try to find yourself a yoga routine you can do every day. it dose not have to be a long routine 10 or 20 minutes will do to get focused again.

not a yoga fan? why not try to find a meditation app you like or make yourself a tea, find a quite corner in your place and enjoy some peaceful music for some time.

the main thing is to find time for yourself where you don’t have to think about anything else then yourself. if you can’t find ten minutes, then take a whole hour for yourself. it is so important for your own state of mind and to juggle daily life.

Love, NormaJean

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