what is it all about

… that is a very good question. what do I want my blog to be all about. at first I thought it would be nice and fun to document my journey through my art course, post about lunch and dinner ideas and some fashion and beauty stuff. to be honest I am not really sure if I still want to do that or add some more personal stuff and keep it real. I am not a fan of put on lifestyle.to be honest I don’t even live a fancy lifestyle. I am a college student with a part time job, in the country in the west of ireland. not really fancy, but maybe a way to relate. my favourite  blogs, vlogs and youtube channels are the once that are real. you know the people really live that way. nothing is put on and most of them work hard for what they have.

I believe I can relate to that. I have fun sharing some of my experiences, maybe someone can take something from it and it might help them. I would love to meet new strangers through this blog…

well I think this will be it! a window into my life journey and hopefully you like to come along and share a little of it with me!

Love, NormaJean

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