portfolio courses


since september last year I was attending an art portfolio preparation course. if you apply to an art college you are required to present a portfolio of your own work. depending on what school you apply to, the criteria for how your portfolio has to look can change. that can be very doubting, if you don’t know where to start or how to approach a given brief. that’s where a portfolio course comes in. you can look at it like a introduction year to art college.


you can choose between full time and part time courses spread out over a year or over the summer. that all depends on where you live, but if you do your research you will be able to find a course that suits you and your situation. full time was the best option for me since I needed to get back into a study environment and I needed a little time to decide where I wanted to go and what I wanted to study in the end of the day.


our course was divided into eight subjects and resulted in a level 5 on the irish grading framework.


subjects included drawing, painting, print making, model making, problem solving, art history, collage techniques and work experience.


it was a fun course, where I learned a lot and was able to try out a few new things that I had never done before, like print making. it was well worth it and through the course I managed to put together a portfolio that got me into the college I wanted to get into! so happy all around.


love, NormaJean


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