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after yesterdays post I decided I might put together a little list of documentaries that inspired me to go vegan and that inspired so many others as well! if you search for vegan documentaries on google you will find sites like that have a good list of watchable documentaries that might just change your life. some are health related and some relate to protecting our planet or the abuse of animals. it is really up to you to decide where you want to start, but I can assure you that once you started your educational journey you will end up watching all of the categories above!

we live in a world where we can research everything we want. we can get educated in everything we desire. the internet is filled with information ready for us to use. the only thing we have to do is to go out there with an open mind and a bit of common sense and absorb the information’s that are given to us. DO IT for your own health and well being and for that of your children. DO IT for the protection of our planet.

to many of us count calories instead of looking at what we put inside us. look at the ingredients of your food. what do they put in it and what do we give our children as a snack! it is not healthy to life the way we live. to many children now days have allergies and health issues that they shouldn’t have. if you look at what you actually eat, you will realize that half of the ingredients on some of our food are unknown to us.

BUT this process can only be done by you as an individual. it is not possible to let others do the research for you. you might not believe them or are not fully listening to them. get the facts you need to change your life to a better living!

here are the lists of documentaries that changed my life, maybe they will change yours as well. I sure hope so!



this documentary has a lot of health related issues. they talk to doctors and patients to back up theories and studies and focus on a plant based diet!


the china study focuses on china (surprise) and cancer studies. it shows how cancer is related to meat consumption and how it changed over the years. comes in a book or as a documentary!

both of these are very watchable not graphic and based on facts, research and studies that are ongoing for many ears!



this documentary looks at how we can save the planet and looks more into the relations of politics and money connected to the meat industry. very interesting to watch and an eye opener to so many environmental issues!



EARTHLINGS – I have to say that I never watched the whole thing, just because I couldn’t watch all the violent images and see the crimes that are done to the animals. this one is an eye opener to how cruel we humans are to animals. the question is why can we treat one species of animals one way and don’t regard another species at all! how can we treat dogs and pigs so differently? something I just don’t understand!

I hope this post will help you to take the first step in educating yourself about the life you live!

educate yourself – go vegan 

Love, NormaJean

*images of movies are used for references only, I do not own the right to any of them

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