vegan lifestyle

going vegan won’t happen over night! the decision might come to you very quickly and you will be set in your ways, but there is a lot to learn about being a vegan. I went vegan over night, but this is a longer story, so let me try to give you a short version of it!


everybody in our house is a lot into health and fitness and we like to learn about healthy (different) lifestyles every day! we watch documentaries just for fun and education. we ended up watching “the china study” and “forks over knives”. they really had a huge impacted on me. I also educated myself more about where my food comes from and was shocked to find out how badly livestock is treated even in europe! so one night I ended up having a horrible nightmare and decided that I had to change something in my life. I went vegan – over night!

strawberry love

but there is a lot to learn.


it takes a few weeks to get to know what’s in the food you normally get. and with that I mean the food you thought was free of animal products. you will be surprised how much egg is in everything and how they hide milk in nearly every product. fruit
and veg is a great way to get started, but sometimes you want to spice it up a little and like some fancy sauces, but that can be quite a challenge. after some time you get to know the products that are free of animal products and completely plant based. making things at home is still the best though and you know for sure what’s in it!


so don’t worry if you make little mistakes every now and then. it takes time to get adjusted to your new lifestyle. I am still scanning foods and learn a lot every week. keep informing yourself and don’t give up if you slip. it is hard to go to a normal supermarket and find animal free product. BUT if you live in berlin you have no excuses! VEGANZ is a vegan supermarket and they only sell vegan products. so no excuses there. you can get all your shopping sorted – oh how I miss it…

stick with your goal and don’t give up! stay vegan – there is always room to learn!

Love, NormaJean

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