first week…

… done! WOW!

as you can guess from the top, my first week at gti is done! it wasn’t as scary as I thought it might be. guess I grew up a lot over the last years and that new starts and first days do not scare me as much any more as before! I have to say I really enjoyed the week. our teachers are nice, I can see where they want to get us and the 60 people that are divided between two classes seem all very nice. they are a big mix of different people and characters. all from interesting backgrounds and all possess a love for art (guess that’s why they are in an art class)!



the teachers went quite easy on us this week. We had all half days and a little introduction in what to expect from the course. they showed us past students portfolios, which was rather scary and they got us started on our projects. so we are here to build a portfolio to show our talents and to apply to art school. but when you see finished art portfolios from past students, then you get scared. we all started with a white sheet of paper. in about 4 month we show our portfolios to art schools and they will judge our talents and if they like us in their school or not. 4 month to go from that white sheet of paper to a full portfolio that saves you a spot in an art school. I have done the first step. I sketched my object I will be working on a view times and maybe one of these sketches will make it into the portfolio. till then I will keep working on the challenges our teachers set us and improve my work.


I have done a lot more drawing in this last week, then I have done in the last few month! I am definitely on the right track of what I want to do, so I just keep going and see where it will take me!


love, NormaJean

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