my first impression…

… of college!


now this is my first week of college and so far my tutors have been very kind to us. monday we had time to get all our art supplies, which cost me a good bit of money and the last two days we had half days to ease us in. it is a strange feeling to be back in school, to sit in a classroom with loads of other people and concentrate on one subject and learn new things. it is even stranger, considering that some of my new classmates are 10 years younger than me and just out of high school.

my first impression about that: some of them are still stuck in hating the education system and rather sleep in and take time to gossip. a strange concept to me know. I attended evening school over the last 8 years. there you meet people that want to learn, payed for the course and are quite mature. most of us worked full time jobs and tried to get our studies done in the evenings. now I am mixed with a colourfull bunch of people. some younger that are not really interested in the educational aspects of this course and probably¬†just try to pass a year, before they know what they would like to do AND don’t get me wrong: there is nothing wrong with that!!! (just an observation) the other part of the class is the more mature group. they know what they want to do and use this course to reach their goals. they are there to work and get the tasks done.


so as you can see there is a variety of people around that make it quite interesting. but we don’t get much time to dwell on that because today we started our drawing exercises. I let you know by the end of the week how that went! hope everybody else had a good start to what ever they are up to!


ps please be patient with me responding to comments, email and co. I try to adjust to this new lifestyle, where I spend two hours a day on a bus. college is on from monday to friday and on top of that I try to fit in my part time work. I will get back to you, but it might take till the weekend when I have some free time after work. I am always happy to hear your thoughts and read your comments!

keep them coming!

love, NormaJean

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