the start of a new chapter

tomorrow is a new start in my life. I’m going back to education in my late 20’s! scary right? but there is a story to this tale and let me tell you how I got this far.

last year I turned 27 and on that day I made a decision: thinks have to change in my life.

me and my boyfriend on my birthday last year!

I didn’t know what had to change and how. I only new something had to change. so I started with my health and fitness. I tried different diets, which is a long story and one for a different post. but all this didn’t make me happier or feel more fulfilled. so I exercised more, but I still felled unhappy. then in february of this year I was able to visit limerick school of art and design and I fell in love! I knew I wanted to go and study art. this was always my dream since I was about 12. but now I was faced with a new problem. I had a full-time job and I was in my late 20’s. do you really give up your job and go back to being a student?

YES YOU DO! if you are unhappy and have a dream, make it happen!


I quit my job during the summer, went and got a part time job to finance me during college and applied for a portfolio preparation curse to prepare me the portfolio viewing you have to pass if you want to go to art school. so here I am the night before I become a student again and I have to say I am very exited and a little bit worried too. I am absolutely broke, which I am not used to and I wonder how well I will do in a full time study environment. but I am determent to make this work for me. I will not go back to a job that I was not in love with and do the thing that everybody expects you to do.

school tomorrow – exciting times!

love, NormaJean

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